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Overseas Placements

In many of the disciplines, students may express an interest in participating in professional experience placement in an overseas location. If this is available to you as an option with your course you will need to contact the Placement Coordinator for your discipline.

Students undertaking overseas Professional Experience Placements must obtain appropriate approval before departure. Depending on your course of study, your Placement Coordinator may request that you complete the Approval for Overseas Professional Experience Placement form. Please ensure that you have received confirmation from your Placement Coordinator that your Professional Experience Placement has been approved.

Once you have approval, you then need to commence your planning and arranging an itinerary for your travel.

The university requires that all students travelling overseas for professional experience placement lodge all travel information to JCU Insurance eight weeks before departure.

When you have your flights, itinerary and placement details then you are required to commence the process of registering your travel with JCU Insurance:

  1. Complete the JCU Overseas Travel Plan Diary and upload this form with your itinerary onto your computer.
  2. If you have a ‘private’ travel component to this travel then you are required to have private travel insurance. Ensure there is evidence of this insurance available on your computer.
  3. Pre Travel Registration - prior to departure students should
    1. Visit the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's Smart Traveller website and subscribe to receive travel advice updates for the locations you are travelling to.
    2. Email a copy of your travel confirmation and itinerary to (for instructions on initial set up of your Concur/Tripit account see below.
    3. Concur/Tripit Once your travel has been arranged, you will need to register with Tripit.
      How to set-up your Concur/Tripit Accounts:
      1. Log-in to Concur via the JCU website (use your JCU log-in details).
      2. Click on the App Centre tab at the top of the screen and select the Tripit App.
      3. Follow the prompts to create and verify your account (only use your JCU email address).
      4. Download the TripIt app to your smartphone to receive alerts on events that might impact your travel (security, weather events, natural disaster, flight status, gate changes, etc.
      5. Now email your travel itineraries and confirmations from your JCU email account to to be added to your profile.
      6. If your plans change at any time, email your updated itinerary to Be mindful that if you require assistance, JCU needs to be able to locate you.

      * Emergency Assistance from Chubb Assistance

      In the event of an emergency, sickness or injury anywhere in the world, 24/7 medical, travel and security assistance is available to students by calling JCU's travel assistant Chubb Assistance. Students can phone Chubb Assistance at any time from anywhere to request assistance.  If your travel, health and safety are at risk or if you need advice or assistance to deal with situations that arise while travelling and working overseas call Chubb Assistance.

      Chubb Assistance website:
      Chubb Assistance phone: +61 2 8907 5995 (Students can reverse charges via the operator)
      JCU Policy Number: 04PP007672

      Students should:

      • Visit the Chubb Assistance website to view services available while you travel.
      • Save the Chubb Assistance contact number and JCU policy number to your phone. It is recommended that you also carry the Chubb Assistance card in your wallet as this includes the emergency phone number and JCU's Policy number.
  4. When you have completed the above steps, you can complete the online Student Overseas Travel Submission form. Students will need to log in using their JC Number. Complete the online form and upload documents as requested.

    During this process, Students will be required to:

    1. Read the Student Travel Insurance brochure
    2. Provide a copy of additional insurance cover
    3. Upload a copy of travel/flights itinerary
    4. Upload a copy of JCU Overseas Travel Plan Diary
    5. Read the Overseas Travel Pre-departure Briefing
    6. Read the Student Personal Accident Brochure

When you have provided all the relevant information and uploaded the required evidence, your overseas professional experience placement will be registered with JCU Insurance.

In the event of an incident, accident or injury whilst on placement, please complete the Student Placement Accident, Incident or Injury Report Form.

OS-HELP is an Australian Government loan scheme that helps eligible students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place (CSP) to do some of their study overseas.

For further information, please visit JCU's OS-Help Loan page

Visit the Scholarships@JCU website to explore other options available to JCU students.