Before You Start

Before You Start

Preparation for your professional experience placement must begin immediately, well before you attend your first day of class at JCU.

You will need to complete a number of forms, obtain a criminal history check and complete the necessary immunisations. These processes can take several weeks to complete.

You will also find information about getting organised for professional experience placement in your course handbook or by contacting the Professional Experience Placement Unit.

Get started now

Find out what you need to know and do. Go to the Preparation Checklists page and select your profession-specific guidelines and checklist.


Different terms may be used to describe professional experience placements in various JCU courses. Other terms used include:

  • Clinical experience
  • Clinical placement
  • Work experience
  • Work integrated learning
  • Work placement
  • Internship
  • Practicum
  • Practice placement
  • Professional practice
  • Extramural practical work