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JCU Procedures for Infectious Disease for Students within the Division of Tropical Health and Medicine

JCU DTHM Professional Experience Placement Student Declaration

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Australian Federal Police (AFP) National Criminal History Check

The Australian Immunisation Handbook

Hand Hygiene Australia Online Training

Undergrad Plus: Ramsay Health Care Clinical Placements Program

Australian Capital Territory

Students who are completing a placement with ACT Health will be required to complete some extra pre placement requirements. Students are still required to submit their documents to JCU (DTHM Placements) as the education provider is responsible for confirming to the host facility that you are placement ready. Once this is confirmed by the facility you will be given access to the ACT Placement system (SPO) and will then be asked to complete further online learning modules.

ACT Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) Card

Before you commence placement apply for your WWVP card via the By Post process so that you can send them your passport photos. If you have time in the ACT before you commence placement you can apply online but will then need to visit an ACT Access Centre to have your photo taken to complete the process. Check the website to view current processing times.

Working with Vulnerable People

By Post Information

ACT Health – Preparing for Placement

Please review this checklist to ensure that you have met the ACT Health requirements.

ACT Health – Preparing for Placement Checklist

New South Wales

Clinical Placement Information:

Before placements in NSW Health Facilities can proceed James Cook University must have a current Student Placement Agreement with the Local Health District in which that placement is to occur. Without this Student Placement Agreement, the placement cannot proceed.

Student clearances for clinical placements:

The NSW Health Employment Checks Policy requires that all students who wish to complete their placement in a NSW Public Health Facilities must undertake a National Criminal Record Check.

Students are also required to comply with the NSW Health policy Occupational Assessment, Screening and Vaccination Against Specified Infectious Disease and any other relevant policies.

Students are required to be ‘verified’ prior to attending placement in a NSW Public Health Facility.

This means that you have to demonstrate to a NSW Health Placement Coordinator that you have met the mandatory requirements for placement in NSW. To be compliant and subsequently verified you will need to:

  • Submit a current  AFPNational Criminal History Check ( valid for three years from the date of issue)
  • Complete and submit NSW Health Code of Conduct
  • Complete the TB assessment Tool (see below)
  • Provide evidence of immunity for Hepatitis B, Pertussis, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Varicella, Measles, Mumps and Rubella
  • Complete and Submit Form 2: TB Assessment Tool and Form 3: Student Undertaking/Declaration to your JCU placement coordinator who will then send them to the NSW Health Placement Coordinator. These forms can be found on page 24 and 25 of  the Occupational Assessment, Screening and Vaccination Against Specified Infectious Disease

These documents must go to your JCU Placement Coordinator in the first instance and then to dthmplacements@jcu.edu.au

Students undertaking clinical placements in hospitals or other health services in NSW are not required to obtain a Working with Children Check however, Students must ensure that their Queensland Working with Children check (Blue Card) remains current.

Whilst you are preparing your mandatory requirements for verification, your JCU Placement Coordinator will enter your Name, DOB, email address and Student ID number on Clinconnect, the NSW Student Placement Portal. All student placements in NSW Health facilities are processed through Clinconnect.

When the NSW Placement coordinator has reviewed your mandatory requirements, they will then updated your status to “Verified” on Clinconnect. This will then allow the processing of your placement to be approved.

Approximately 2 weeks prior to the commencement of your placement, the Student will receive an email to inform you of your StaffLink ID and temporary password.

Mandatory Online Learning Modules

Students will be required to log in to My Health Learning with their eight-digit StaffLink ID user name and password.

Students will be compliant with mandatory training when all modules are listed as Completed except for Hand Hygiene which when completed will be termed Current. It is advised that you start and complete a module in the one session. All modules need to be completed before the placement commences.

The mandatory modules include:

  • Aboriginal Culture – Respecting the Difference
  • Between the Flags – Tier 1: Awareness, Charts and Escalation (eLearning)
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Hazardous Manual Tasks
  • Introduction to Work Health and Safety
  • Privacy Module 1 – Know Your Boundaries

eHealth NSW is strengthening security for NSW Health’s corporate systems by asking NSW Health students to set up a new security profile (from Friday 17th November 2017). This profile will provide greater security and will help students to more easily spot security threats. It will also enable students to reset their passwords without having to contact the State-Wide Service Desk. Please refer to the Guide for students - How to set up your NSW Health security profile.

Guide for students - Log into HETI Online and Complete Mandatory Training

Guide for students - NSW Health Student Online Accounts (Stafflink ID and Password)

FAQs for students

The NSW Health Clinical Placement Information

The NSW Health Verificaton Forms

For any technical issues, users will need to contact the State Wide Service Desk on 1300 28 55 33. Please refer to Guide for students in Contacting the State-Wide Service Desk

Northern Territory

If you have placement in the Northern Territory you are required to visit the Northern Territory Department of Health web page: Before you start your student clinical placement at the following link: https://health.nt.gov.au/careers/student-placements/before-you-start-your-student-clinical-placement

Please ensure you read all the information on this page.

Students on placements must make sure they’ve completed the relevant requirements in the table provide, this includes a current criminal history check (less than 3 years) and a working with children clearance (also called an Ochre Card) at your own cost. If you have the form  NT working with children volunteer concession form completed by your placement coordinator, this can reduce the cost of the Ochre card.

Please take note of the Immunisation requirements.

Students are to produce Certified copies of vaccination and confirming serology documents for the following vaccine preventable diseases:

  • Measles, Mumps & Rubella
  • Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis
  • Hepatitis A (if you will be working with children or in remote communities)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Varicella
  • Influenza
  • Tuberculosis (dependent on work area) – Mantoux test.


AUSLAB WIL Student Access Form

Working with Children Check - Blue Card

Mater Hospitals Clinical Placement Online Tool

Pathology Queensland Clinical Placement Flowchart

Queensland Health Vaccination Information Sheet

Queensland Health Hepatitis B vaccination for students fact sheet

Queensland Health Information Security Policy

Queensland Health - Training requirements for student placements

Queensland Health - How to register as an external user on iLearn

Queensland Health Online Training Declaration - Biomedical and Medical Laboratory Placements

Queensland Health Online Training Declaration - Physician's Assistant Placements

Queensland Health Online Training Declaration - Medicine Program Placements

South Australia

Department of Communities and Social Inclusion Screening and Background Checks

Immunisation Guidelines for Health Care Workers in South Australia

SA Health - Deed Poll


Working with Children Registration

The Australian Immunisation Handbook


Working with Children Check

Health Victoria Vaccinations in the Workplace Information

Western Australia

Working with Children Check

The Australian Immunisation Handbook