RDIM Frequently Asked Questions CloudStor Decommissioning

CloudStor Decommissioning

AARNet has recently announced that it will be decommissioning its CloudStor services (Sync & Share, SWAN, & S3) on Friday, 15-Dec-2023. It's likely that every university and research organisation in Australia will be impacted by AARNet's decision. More details can be found at https://support.aarnet.edu.au/hc/en-us/articles/5697089309711

There is no immediate risk to files currently held on CloudStor. AARNet are scheduling meetings with all affected organisations, to assist with migrating data off their services in an orderly fashion.

JCU Technology Solutions & eResearch centre staff are working together to identify alternative options and ensure a migration plan is in place well before the December 2023 deadline.

What happens next?

  • Users of group allocations will be contacted shortly (Q4 2022) to discuss their data storage requirements.
  • Users of private accounts (i.e, you log onto CloudStor and just store data in your area), we will be getting in contact with you in Q1 2023.

We will be updating this page as our planning progresses.

Contact Pauline Lawrey (eResearch Analyst) on [email protected] or 07 4781 6221 if you have any concerns.