RDIM Terminology Research Data Management Plan (RDMP)

Research Data Management Plan (RDMP)

A Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) is:

  • Documented in Research Data JCU.
  • A non-public metadata record that describes:
    • what data will be created;
    • what policies apply to the data;
    • who will own and have access to the data;
    • what data management practices will be used;
    • what facilities and equipment will be required; and
    • who will be responsible for each of these activities.
  • A living document that is added to and refined throughout the research project.

Completing a RDMP:

  • Establishes a link between the research project and the research data and information.
  • Is increasingly becoming a requirement of research funding.
  • Mitigates the risks of data loss, and unauthorised use of your data and information, by addressing storage and ethical/legal issues.
  • Supports best-practice in research.
  • Makes it easier to store and publish data in future.
  • Satisfies requirements under the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.