RDIM Research Data JCU Platform

Research Data JCU Platform

Research Data JCU is an integrated data management platform which supports all stages of the Research (Data and Information) Asset Lifecycle.

The three main components of the platform include the:

  • Research Data Management Plan (RDMP)
  • Data Record(s)
  • Data Publication(s).

This platform helps to maximise the efficiency and integrity of research, increases research visibility and impact, assists with meeting compliance requirements for funders, publishers, the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and the JCU Code.

  • Click on Research Data JCU
  • Select the centre tile, Access Research Data JCU
  • You will be presented with an AAF login, click on the Sign in with AAF button.
  • Select James Cook University as your organisation.
  • You will be presented with the JCU single sign-on screens, log in as usual.
  • You are now in Research Data JCU!

Research Data JCU screen showing RDMP options

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Research Data JCU showing AAF sign in box

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RDMP: Your RDMP should be developed as early as possible in the research project and then amended as changes occur or new information becomes available.

  • Proposal stage: you may wish to attach a RDMP (PDF) when you apply for a project grant;
  • Commencement: from 2020 the ARC requires a detailed plan prior to commencement of the project;
  • HDR Confirmation of Candidature: candidates are required to complete a RDMP (it can and should be updated during the project) and discuss it with their Advisors prior to confirmation;
  • Anytime you need it for your research activity. An ideal time to start is when you begin thinking about what data your project will generate or use.

Data Record: During or after a project for any data associated with research outputs, including theses.

Data Publication: During or after a project, e.g. thesis/data chapters during the project or at completion.

Your data publication can be embargoed to allow for your traditional outputs to be published first.


Lead Investigator

Researcher who takes the lead role in the conduct of the research project.
HDR candidates are Lead Investigators on their thesis projects.

Other Data Creators

Other JCU data creators associated with the research data.

Data Manager

Person responsible for managing the research data produced by the project, e.g. Advisor (for HDR Candidates) or Lead Investigator (for JCU staff)

Record Administrator

This field is auto-filled using the login details of the JCU staff member or HDR Candidate creating the record. Staff who have not contributed to the data (e.g. research administrators or assistants) may create records on behalf of researchers and will retain read/write access unless they re-assign this role.
If you are not an active researcher (not included in the lookup) you must include your JCU email address in this field to retain access.

JCU Collaborators

JCU collaborators associated with the research project/data.
External collaborators may be entered as free text (not in lookup) but they do not have access. External collaborators include people or organisations outside JCU that contribute to the project/data.


JCU staff supervising HDR candidate. They are responsible for general oversight of an academic research project.