Data Record

A Data Record:

  • Is documented in Research Data JCU.
  • Is a non-public metadata record of the data and information associated with your research project.
  • Includes data attachments or the storage location of completed (not active) data.
  • Should also include any documentation necessary to understand or reproduce the research (such as survey questions, data dictionary, codebooks and R scripts).
    • Research Data JCU can be used to store data up to 100 MB. However, if data is greater than 100MB or is SENSITIVE, contact to organise appropriate storage options.
  • Can apply to a large funded research project, a smaller or less formal project, a thesis, data chapters in a thesis or a dataset that will later be made available with a paper.

Completing a Data Record will:

  • Enable you to find data even after long periods of time have elapsed.
  • Ensure the integrity of your research methods and findings.
  • Satisfies requirements under the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.