RDIM Information Sheets

Information Sheets

Information sheets are listed in A-Z order by title, and available for download.

Archiving and Publishing Data

Archiving and publishing in Research Data JCU - identifying and preparing research data for archiving, and creating Data Records and Data Publications.  (pdf, 302.1 KB)

Identifying research data for archiving in Research Data JCU

This information sheet covers some general principles and examples from creative arts, history and ethnographic field work.  (pdf, 186.4 KB)

Secondary use of data

This information sheet steps through obtaining exemptions from ethical review when using existing data, as well as finding and re-using data.  (pdf, 241.3 KB)

Singapore's TRIM Archiving Process

This information sheet is for Singapore Campus researchers and contains instructions for archiving signed consent forms. It includes an email template.  (docx, 170.3 KB)