RDIM Introduction Research (Data and Information) Asset Lifecycle

Research (Data and Information) Asset Lifecycle

The Research (Data and Information) Asset Lifecycle has three defined phases - Pre Project, During Project and Post Project - and within these phases seven steps can be clearly articulated.


During Project

  • Manage - generate, organise, analyse and finalise data.
  • Archive - Create data record.
  • Publish - Create data publication.

Post-Project Phase

  • Reuse - Action data request.
  • Review - Review custodian roles, embargo period, storage infrastructure, retention schedule and relevance.
  • Dispose - of research asset.

This website has been designed around these seven steps to help the researcher, and others, to navigate the myriad rules, regulations and requirements for managing research data and information in a logical and coherent way. You may also find the Site Map a useful tool to navigate these pages.

Pre-Project Phase: Step 1: Plan.

During Project Phase: Step 2: Manage, Step 3: Archive and Step 4: Publish.

Post-Project Phase: Step 5: Reuse, Step 6: Review and Step 7: Dispose.