RDIM Terminology Active Storage and Collaboration Options

Active Storage and Collaboration Options

 JCU Microsoft OneDriveJCU Microsoft TeamsJCU HPRCAARNET CloudStor
Storage Capacity 5 TB 25 TB per team Up to 5 TB and
 250 KB files
  • 1 TB, and
  • group storage quotas for research projects can be requested.
Collaborating with JCU researchers
Collaborating with external researchers123
Sensitive Data
Remote Access
Data Stored in Australia
Deleted File Recovery4
via Service Now request
see CloudStor website
Suitable for Backups
Best Feature Quick to setup, easy to use, access from day one.Includes other methods for collaboration along with file sharing. Excellent for use with HPC compute for data analysis. Designed for researchers.
Getting SetupJCU Microsoft OneDriveMake a collaboration tool request.

JCU Service Now

Accessing the HPC

CloudStor's website


  1. Microsoft Team team owners can add guest accounts or external account.
  2. Researchers can apply (via ServiceNow) for external collaborators to have access to their JCU HPC account.
  3. The Australian Access Federation (AAF) provides access to online resources via your institution's usual login process.
  4. Within 30 days.