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Study Options

James Cook University specialises in the sustainable management of tropical aquatic species and is Australia’s leading university in Tropical Fisheries Science.

Hear from our students about studying fisheries and aquaculture

Would you like to learn more about Marine Biology and Aquaculture?

As part of an undergraduate degree at JCU you have the ability to discover new and exciting areas of interest.  Below are subjects offered which are lead by CSTFA researchers. For detailed information on all subjects available in Marine Biology and Aquaculture visit the Future Students page or contact the  JCU Student Centre.

Aquaculture Subjects on offer at JCU:

  • AQ2001: Introduction to Aquaculture
  • AQ2002: Aquaculture of Tropical Species
  • AQ3002: Aquaculture: Feeds and Nutrition
  • AQ3003: Aquaculture: Propagation
  • AQ3004: Aquaculture: Stock Improvement
  • AQ3007: Aquatic Animal Ecophysiology
  • AQ3008: Aquaculture: System Design
  • AQ3015: Sustainable Aquaculture

Fisheries and Livelihood Subjects on offer at JCU:

  • EV3014: Managing Tropical Fisheries
  • MB3150: Fisheries Science
  • EV3020: Human Dimensions of Nature, Environment and Conservation

Interested in Postgraduate Studies?

Available PhD Opportunities are advertised here

Interested students can enrol in research-based Doctorate, Masters or Honours degrees.

Postgraduate students are part of the Graduate Research School that ensures high quality outcomes while equipping students with a range of professional skills. Aquaculture and marine biology is a multi-disciplinary field with researchers coming from all areas. Our members are part of the following research centres and institutes: