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About JCU Strategic Direction International Engagement Strategy

International Engagement Strategy

JCU is connected to the world and globally engaged. We were the first Australian university to establish a branch campus in Singapore. Operating since 2003, JCU Singapore is an important part of our campus network.

In Northern Queensland, our campuses in Cairns and Townsville attract international students from all over the world. Our research is global and world-renowned, and we collaborate with research groups at some of the world’s leading universities. JCU students are increasingly taking learning abroad experiences as part of their studies, studying at partner universities around the world and gaining an important global perspective.

Against this backdrop, the University has agreed an ambitious internationalisation agenda – the JCU Engagement Strategy, 2025. We are committing to comprehensive internationalisation with a distinctive JCU accent.

Our international engagement strategy commits us to achieving outcomes across all dimensions of internationalisation:

  • Student recruitment
  • Student experience
  • Research engagement
  • Transnational education
  • Curriculum
  • Learning abroad
  • Staff development
  • Community engagement

Our strategy is organised around four pillars, each with strategic initiatives and measures of success for every year to 2025.

1. Building a sustainable international student population for the long term

2. Ensuring that all JCU students benefit from studying in an internationalised university

3. Being globally connected, active in the world, and bringing the world to our distinctive communities in Northern Queensland

4. Bringing our communities along with us, and ensuring that a more internationalised JCU benefits our local communities and economies.

James Cook University partners with Russo Higher Education Pty Ltd to deliver the programs available at our Brisbane campus.