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Evaluation and review of the From Jails to Jobs pilot initiative

A review of community employment support programs.

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Anger and cardiovascular disease

Interrelatedness and responsiveness to a new integrative treatment for anger.

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Development of a culturally appropriate justice response for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people involved in domestic and family violence proceedings in Queensland specialist domestic and family violence courts

A review of justice response to family violence.

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The Family Wellbeing Empowerment Program as a model of care for the SEWB of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

A mixed-methods, multi-site social return on investment study

The social, emotional, mental health wellbeing of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is crucial to their reaching their full potential in life and making significant contributions to their families, communities and broader society. This project aims to improve wellbeing by embedding the Family Wellbeing Program in services and evaluate the impact including conducting a social return on investment analysis.

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