Off Campus Library Service

The Off Campus Library Service is used to borrow physical items, primarily books, from the library and have them delivered to your home or postal address.


  • JCU Townsville and JCU Cairns current students and staff
  • Must reside in Australia
  • Live more than 50 kilometres from either the Townsville or Cairns Campuses

NOTE: This service is not available to Adjuncts or staff and students at JCU Singapore and JCU Brisbane.

Loan period

The Library will pay to deliver the items and provide a pre-paid postage bag to return items free-of-charge to the Library (subject to SSAF funding)

  • Loan period is 2 weeks longer than the corresponding on-campus student category (to allow for postal service)
  • Items must be received back in Townsville or Cairns by the due date
  • Fees accumulate on overdue items. (See Fines and Penalties)
  • Most loans can be extended 24/7 via Tropicat. (See Returns and Renewals)
  • Loans cannot be extended if another user has placed a hold on the item
  • Contact Off Campus to renew any items that are 2-Day loans
  • All loans are subject to recall

NOTE: The Library does not mail physical items to locations outside of Australia.

How to request loans

Off Campus staff and students can request loan items by:

How to request copies

Off Campus staff and students are eligible to have material copied and sent to them via their JCU email address. Under Section 49 of the Copyright Act, the University Library may scan material for the purpose of supplying the copy to a library user who requires it for research or study.

Other services

  • Off Campus staff and students may be eligible to submit an Interlibrary Loan request. To ensure requested items are sent directly to your postal address, you MUST select "Off Campus" as your Selected Campus
  • If the library does not hold the required item you can submit a Purchase Request form and the item may be purchased.

Contact Details

Telephone: 07 4781 6870
Mail: Off Campus Library Service
Eddie Koiki Mabo Library
James Cook University