Library I am a Visitor Volunteering Guidelines

Volunteering Guidelines

The JCU Library appreciates your interest and willingness to volunteer your services to assist the Library, and our clients.

  • The volunteering guidelines do not apply to students participating in the JCU Library work experience program.

  • Individuals may have the opportunity to volunteer at the JCU libraries located at the Townsville or Cairns campuses.

  • The JCU Library may support the use of voluntary workers if there is work appropriate for the volunteer; and Library and Information Services staff can provide supervision.

  • There is no monetary remuneration for any volunteer.

  • Participation in the volunteer program does not guarantee a volunteer of future paid employment.

  • Volunteers normally work within 8.30am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

  • Volunteers are required to report to the designated supervisor and standard business or neat attire is required.

  • Volunteers are subject to the JCU policies, rules and regulations including the Workplace Health & Safety policy, and are covered by JCU insurances including public liability and personal accident as outlined in the JCU Employment of Volunteers Policy.

To register your expression of interest, please complete the LIS Volunteer Registration form.