Library Special Collections NQ Newspapers: a finding aid

NQ Newspapers: a finding aid

These listings identify the newspapers that have been published in north Queensland, at what dates they were published, and where (if anywhere) they can now be consulted.

For the purposes of this publication, newspapers have been taken to include weeklies and, in some cases, fortnightlies but to exclude monthlies. North Queensland has been defined to include all of Queensland north of 21 degrees 50, approximately the latitude of Sarina just south of Mackay. Holdings statements Where James Cook University has a complete, or the best available, holdings of a title, no other holdings are listed. Other holdings have been selectively listed to supplement those of James Cook University.


James Cook University


in microform


Queensland State Library


University of Southern Queensland


University of Queensland

Since primary archival materials do not exist for many north Queensland newspapers, a variety of standard works and library catalogues have been consulted in preparing this list. These sources are not always in agreement with each other and it has been necessary in some cases to make educated guesses about the likely publication dates or histories of particular papers. Unavoidably, there may well be errors in some of these details. The authors apologise for this. We would be interested to obtain additional information about holdings or newspaper histories that would make this publication more complete.