Examples of Supporting Documentation

Scholarships @ JCU Examples of Supporting Documentation

Indigenous Status

You need to provide one of the following:

  • Current Centrelink ABSTUDY statement; or
  • A statutory declaration form
  • An Aboriginality form signed by a recognised organisation under its common seal.

Financial Documents

You need to provide income evidence for yourself and everyone who is financially supporting you.
These can include any of the documents below:

Residential Address

NOTE: Evidence is only required for a Commonwealth Applicant who is relocating to study:

Proof of address is any document/s showing your name, residential address including postcode and date of issue.
Please provide evidence for 3 out of the last 4 years
These can include any of the documents below:

  • School reports
  • Bills
  • Rates notice
  • Centrelink letters


If you have dependents, you will need to provide:

  • Birth certificate, Passport or Citizenship certificate; or
  • Proof of custody or guardianship (Medicare card or Centrelink statement); or
  • Recent Centrelink statement showing Carer Payment as your benefit type

Disability, Injury, Illness or Health Condition

  • Current Centrelink or Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs Disability Support Pension statement
  • Medical report – which must include the nature, of your condition, ongoing, temporary or episodic and be authorised and signed by a qualified  medical/health professional

Extenuating Circumstances

  • You must provide a written statement that explains your personal situation. This must Include evidence from a relevant health or other professional to support your circumstances.

Part-time study load

  • Disability, injury, illness or health condition - as above
  • Course constraints - a letter or email from an enrolment advisor
  • Other - any supporting documentation to substantiate your circumstances