Important Information about the City Campus

Location:   City Arcade, 383 Flinders Street, Townsville

Phone:   07 4781 4040


Hours:    Welcome Lounge open 9:00am to 5:00pm |   Monday to Friday
Levels 2,  3 and 4 open 7:30am to midnight   |  Monday to Sunday



Bookable Room ID

Arcade Ground Floor

Welcome Lounge

Level 1

Car park - 12 secure spaces available for staff

Level 2

Student Workspace

Level 3

Collaborative Learning Area



Student Lounge and Study Space

Accessible/Unisex Toilet

Level 4

Small Meeting Room


Small Meeting Room


Observation Room


Interview Room


Moot Court






Male and Female Toilets

  • A secure lift provides access to the Campus and is located on the ground floor (City Arcade) or level 1 car park. Visitors should arrange access with the Welcome Lounge (See Access to Campus).
  • City Arcade trading hours: Mon to Fri 7:00am to 9:00pm  |  Sat 8:00am to 6:00pm  |   Sun 9:00am to 6:00pm
    Outside trading hours, access into the JCU Campus is only available from the Level 1 car park via Sturt Street. The Arcade ground level is locked preventing entry and exit on this level. Exiting the Campus is via lift to level 1, stairwell to level 1 or stairwell to ground, exiting directly on to Flinders Street.
  • Toilets are located on Level 3 and in the stairwell.  Security swipe access is required to re-enter the Campus when using the toilets in the stairwell.
  • As parking in the CBD is limited, students and visitors are encouraged to use the Townsville City Council's free parking. The closest free car park is located at Dean Street which is a short 10 minute walk from the campus. The City Arcade Woolworths car park located alongside the Campus, offers 2 hours free parking. After this time parking rates apply. This car park is not managed by JCU.  Enquiries should be made to . Disabled parking bays are located on level 1 car park.
  • Evacuation diagrams are located on each floor. Further information can be found by viewing the Emergency Evacuation Procedures. The Event organiser is responsible for ensuring all participants have an understanding of the Emergency Evacuation procedures.


  • Access can be arranged by contacting the Client Services Officers at the Welcome Lounge
  • Security swipe cards are required to access the Campus and can be left in the Access Card Return Boxes located on Levels 3 and 4 at the completion of an event.  Swipe access is not required to exit the building
  • The event organiser is required to arrange and coordinate access for all participants, guests and caterers


  • A staff ID is required to access all levels and the secure staff car park
  • Staff requiring students to have access to level 4 should email with a copy of the class list


  • A student ID card is required to access levels 2 and 3. Students cannot access the secure car park
  • Student ID cards are available from the Student Enquiry Centre, Douglas Campus


  • All catering supplies including tea and coffee are to be supplied by the event organiser
  • Level 3 kitchen includes 2 bar fridges, 1 microwave, a dishwasher and a hot/cold water dispenser(cutlery and crockery is not available on level 3)
  • Level 4 kitchen includes a catering fridge, 2 bar fridges, 3 microwaves, an oven/cooktop, dishwasher, hot/ cold water dispenser, cutlery and crockery (NOTE: No cooking utensils are provided)
  • Approval for alcohol consumption prior to an event is required and must comply with the Alcohol Consumption on University Property Policy and Procedure
  • Air Conditioning operates on a timer system. Notices are located within the Campus identifying the after-hours buttons.
  • Equipment and furniture should be returned to original position and whiteboards left free of text.
  • Signage on walls at the ground floor entrance and level 1 car park is not permitted by the Centre ís  Management.  A-frames are available on request to display notices.
  • All material and stationery are to be supplied by the Event Organiser.
  • Kitchen/s and meeting spaces are to be left clean and tidy by the event organiser.  Kitchenware should be cleaned in dishwasher and catering platters removed from the Campus. A fee may be imposed to cover cleaning costs if the space is left untidy.
  • Waste including leftover food should be placed in rubbish bins. Bins are provided on each level. Seafood must be double bagged and disposed of directly into the industrial rubbish bin (located in the Woolworths car park adjacent to level 1 car park).
  • See links below for virtual rooms and equipment user guides
    Important Note: video conferencing is only available in Boardroom and Moot Court on Level 4

Townsville City Campus Boardroom (TO010-407)

Townsville City Campus Moot Court (TO010- 406)

Townsville City Campus Interview Room (TO010-405)

Townsville City Campus Observation Room (TO010-404)

Collaborative Learning Area (TO010-306) Equipment List and Room User Guides


Service provided


Emergency Services

Police/Fire /Ambulance

Mobile or External Phone 000

Internal Phone, dial 0 for an outside line, then 000

Welcome Lounge

Access and general enquiries

4781 4040 (Internal Ext 14040)

Room Bookings

Request/Check/Confirm bookings and request AV services if required

JCU Staff ñ Book online  at Web Room Booker

Non JCU Bookings ñ Request a booking by emailing

JCU Security      

Any security issues or concerns

Security Access

Emergencies 4781 5555  (Internal Ext 15555)

General  4781 6000 (Internal Ext 16000)

AV Support

AV Technical support

4781 4643  (Internal Ext 14643)


Cleaning related issues

Facilities Management Office

Information on alcohol consumption policy and procedures