Mail and Freight Services


Bebegu Yumba (Townsville) campus has a dedicated mail room, which provides the following services:

  • campus delivery/collection service for internal and external mail
  • supply of postage prepaid products
  • dispatch of bulk mailouts
  • internal mailbag services to Nguma-bada (Cairns) campus only
  • advice on postal services and products.

Mail Room Contact Details

Key Contact - Kevin Hinds 478 15272
Email -

How to Address Mail and Freight

Please ensure you always provide your full name, James Cook University, what area you work in, JCU street address, your building number and room number, example provided below:

John Smith
James Cook University
Estate Directorate
1 James Cook Drive
Building 057, Room 010
Douglas QLD 4814

Postage Prepaid Products

The mailroom keeps a small quantity of postage prepaid products on hand such as express post envelopes and satchels, parcel post prepaid satchels, registered post prepaid envelopes and postage stamps.

Should you wish to keep your own stock of these products on hand these can be ordered through the mailroom or if you have a bulk Mail out that needs these products please place an order through the mailroom email address. For full details of Australia post products that can be ordered please click on the following link:

Australia Post Web Site

Postage Charges

The mailroom operates on a cost recovery basis in relation to postage charges. Depending on the product or service, Australia post postage charges are levied based on a combination of some or all of the following factors: size, thickness, weight, volume and distance it needs to travel.

Parcels are subject to maximum dimensions and weight restrictions.

(Note – JCU receives contract rates for domestic parcels an international post, which does differ from the rate shown online).

External Mail

All mail items (letter and parcels) being forwarded to an external destination must either:

  • have Australia post postage stamps attached or a charge code, or
  • be in an Australia post prepaid envelope or satchel, or
  • be in a pre-printed JCU postage paid envelope, with a current JCU charge code and the name of the sending area stamped or clearly marked on the envelopes

Note: the mailroom does not supply JCU postage paid envelopes. If sending a parcel, the maximum weight that it can be is 20kgs via Australia Post. Parcels over this limit will be sent out via freight services, e.g., TNT

Internal Mail

Internal mail Is distributed around the Bebegu Yumba campus by the mailroom team. This mail needs to be clearly addressed with the addresses with the person’s full name and location (Department, Building Number and Room Number). For example:

John Smith
Estate Directorate
Building 057, Room 010

There is an Inter-Campus Mail Bag service between Townsville/Cairns campuses only. This service is for the carriage of A4 (or smaller) sized letters only. Larger items are to be forwarded as external mail or through the freight services.

Sending Mail

Please always separate mail into bundles internal, Australian and overseas and label with correct charge code.

Bulk Mail Out

If you are wanting to send out a bulk mail out, please contact the mailroom to request the required number of flutes. The mailroom will advise the package requirements and the flutes will be delivered to your office. Please always separate into internal, Australian and overseas mail.

Do not overload flutes. Flutes should be filled no higher than the lower level of the handle slots. When items are packed into the flutes email the mailroom to request pick up. Attach a memo advising the charge code and total number of each items i.e. 50 Internal, 100 Australian and 25 Internal.

International Mail

International Mail is categorised as a letter or a parcel. A letter is defined as weighing no more than 500g, with dimensions up to 36cm x 26cm x 2cm. It must be written correspondence or documents only. Anything over these measurements is considered a parcel. Letters and parcels must have a customs form or declaration attached. Contact the mailroom to obtain the appropriate forms or prepaid products. You will need to advise the value (under or over $500) and whether the article weighs under or over 2kg.

Reply Paid Service

If a reply-paid service is required for mail outs, email freight advising an account code and the replied paid address i.e.:

Contact Persons name
Reply Paid 109
James Cook University QLD 4814