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Response to Clark et al research paper

2483 new JCU places and more to come

Finding the right exercise balance for people with multiple sclerosis

‘Treasure trove’ of new discoveries highlights gaps in coral knowledge

JCU Professor honoured with Australia Day role

Marine parks save sharks from overfishing threat

Teachers question ADHD diagnosis

Glass mountain could improve concrete

A fresh look at the voyage of Endeavour

Rare insights in the war on corrosion

Anaemia hits development of northern bubs


Building community spirit in mining towns

How the reef got its groove back

Prestigious award for reef sentinel

AITHM scientist’s global role in TB vaccine research

New global database to guide coral restoration

Ancient Antarctic ice melt increased sea levels by 3+ metres – and it could happen again

“Magic” of old photography delighting new generations of artists

Let’s talk about sex

Local artist drawn to the Mabo Library

Coral disease risk factors revealed

Australia needs to leave its tourism comfort zone

Troubled waters

Study indicates alarming fall in dolphin numbers


Big drop in global drownings - but not for our neighbours

JCU’s stunning Central Plaza opens

JCU researchers say g’day to the USA

AI brings automation to seafood industry

New system will streamline development of TB vaccines

JCU welcomes NAIF support for new student accommodation

JCU scholarship helps champion athlete focus on her goals

Rare earth metals: an untapped resource?

Exercise works for those beginning cancer treatment

JCU and Optus – partners for a digital north

JCU graduations postponed

107-year-old autograph album shines light on war-time friendships

JCU COVID-19 response

Heatwaves risky for fish

Coal danger underestimated

Tropical testing sharpened

JCU medicine students provide essential support

Keto diet showing promise


Win-win with Indigenous environmental programs

Soldiers pump iron

Bill Tweddell re-elected as University Chancellor

Climate change triggers Great Barrier Reef bleaching

JCU Physio Clinic now offers telehealth

Should we squash the curve?

Call for stronger restrictions as new phase of virus looms

Plants under pressure

Top scholarship for ground-breaking researcher

Community help wanted for Covid study

Can coral reefs ‘have it all’?

$30,000 scholarship boost for regional science student

Ray of hope for COVID-19 in Australia

Supporting our students

JCU specialists work on new coronavirus clinics

JCU #1 in global partnerships for sustainable development

JCU research extends to Antarctica

Coronavirus: Animal disease detectives to be trained across SE Asia

“Poopcorn” helps uncover plastic risk to turtles

Online classes will help prepare kids for the future


10% of Aussies ignoring pandemic control measures

Can my pet catch COVID-19?

JCU to shore up Pacific disease defence

JCU researcher hopes COVID-19 will put spotlight on wildlife trade

Keeping your home a coronavirus-free zone

New ways into JCU

Breakthrough test for elusive malaria strain

JCU and XUT present China’s new International Engineering College

JCU’s new Deputy Chancellor

Is it safe for kids to return to school?

JCU answers the call to upskill the North

How insured are you?

Jurors easily led astray

Food tests could put Aussie lives at risk

Older people may be more at risk from gaming addiction

Herding buffalo and cattle from space

Aquaculture industry set to be a boon for North’s economy

Iconic Shark Bay at high risk from climate change

Nearly half a million in support for students in need


Big vegetarians of the reef drive fish evolution

Mabo footage released for the first time

Planning future forests

Neural-inspired computers may solve growing problem

JCU top university for blood and plasma donations

Is classroom tech helping or hindering schoolkids’ learning?

Going travelling? Talk to your pharmacist

Prize offered for thoughts on hotel reviews

Mystic drink investigated

Farewell to a great protector of the Reef

Visualising threats to North’s native species

Baby blues hit men too

JCU celebrates 29th in the world at 50

“Missing” historical files found by JCU PhD student

Global recovery must include the Tropics

Bleaching affects aquarium corals, too


‘Harmless’ bacteria turning deadly

Aboriginal artefacts reveal first ancient underwater archaeological sites in Australia

Scientists connect the land to the sea again

Mystery deepens around historic Investigator Tree

Howzat? Mental routines define top batsmen

Post-workout binge a mind game

Help needed to prevent diabetes-related foot complications

Elimination is possible if we act now: JCU research

Porn is not a sexist trigger for most

Bushfires could mean rise in threatened native species

How governments resist World Heritage ‘in danger’ listings

Life in the shallows becomes a trap for baby sharks

JCU professor takes over top role

Sharks almost gone from many reefs

Numbers are up and (some) classes are back at JCU

The mystery of the less deadly mosquito nets

Shark “sea lanes” need protecting

JCU researchers investigate potential treatment for walking impairment due to blocked arteries

Getting the jump on cane toads


Colin Roderick Literary Award Shortlist 2020 Announced

JCU and TSRA to assess dugong and turtle habitat

JCU Pharmacy is growing

Satellite view opens to all

Supporting local business through economic recovery

Report of the Independent External Research Misconduct Inquiry: Oona Lönnstedt

TB vaccine research could benefit the elderly and diabetics

Virtual Reality distracts kids from pain

World-first study hopes to give grieving families closure

JCU’s world-class result

10 years in a row for JCU graduate job success!

New program helps forgotten survivors

Profitable poo? Investigating uses for our waste 💩

A unified call to action from Australian Nursing and Midwifery leaders: ensuring that Black Lives Matter

Nooks, crannies and critters

How do you prepare for a disaster?

Exercise therapy for Parkinson’s disease

Worrying drop in Quoll numbers

Hutchies to build JCU’s new student accommodation

Tall Poppies investigate TB, reef fish and coastal communities


History repeats as coral reefs are devastated

JCU’s top 250 ranking

Cyclone preparations hinge on cost and effectiveness

JCU trials vaccine effective against all types of malaria

Missed primary health care harms health

Lockdowns essential to prevent third wave: JCU researcher

Is karaoke bad for you?

JCU psychologists stress self-care on R U OK? Day

New fish allergy triggers found

Project Phoenix: DNA unlocks a new understanding of coral

Weed robot sets sights on cane farms

Paper Emperors by Sally Young wins 2020 Colin Roderick Literary Award

Covid-19, science and truth

Call for price rises as cut-price smokes used more

New cars will need new skills

Funnel-web spiders: why they kill us, and other news

New marine science scholarships as JCU extends deal with NQBP

“Portfolio” of marine reserves enhances fish populations

Tracking turtles from space


Exercise enjoyment linked to addiction recovery

Applications now open for $30,000 scholarship

Social media provides clues to rays

Indigenous students shine at annual awards night

The eyes have it

JCU Ideas Lab up and running

Toy report card for internet safety

Young wrasses hit hard by cyclones and bleaching

Drone tech brings new experiences

JCU welcomes LNP Tropical Aquaculture Accelerator funding commitment

Future-proofing Townsville against wastewater contaminants

Want to improve your wellbeing? Give nature a chance

Rebuttal of Clark et al. research paper

JCU Pharmacy students stay in the regions

JCU welcomes LNP commitment for Cairns University Hospital

JCU helps school students experience the life of everyday heroes

Helping the Aussie Hmong language survive

Scientists discover a 500-metre-tall coral reef on the Great Barrier Reef

New insights into sleep problems

Thank you to all of our inspiring teachers

Treasures of Townsville go on display


Women’s refs have it tough

Drones as stinger spotters

Crown-of-thorns eat themselves out of house & home

When education runs in the family

AI to help Emergency Departments improve patient waiting time information

Greater glider species triple

Turning the tide against poaching

Deadly secrets uncovered

Alzheimer’s Breakthrough

JCU professor receives international honour

International team to assess climate risks to African cultural heritage

Elite scientists recognised

Mummy buddies beat baby blues

Celebrating two Eureka Prizes

Tough rules don’t help poverty

Deep learning for better healthcare


After 66 Million years - amazing duelling dinosaurs can finally be studied

Cooling down vaccine fear

JCU’s Townsville campus Indigenous name unveiled

Elite sport experience for JCU students

Yirrganydji names for JCU's Cairns campuses

Health could hold key to North’s Roadmap to Economic Recovery

JCU’s Mount Isa campus indigenous name unveiled

JCU honours Outstanding Alumni

JCU Vice Chancellor to retire in December 2021

JCU’s Ideas Lab – officially open for business

$4m of JCU student scholarships up for grabs

Post-war local government role a “neglected” part of history

Work towards gender equity recognised

High levels of dementia found in the Torres Strait

Remuneration of JCU’s University Council