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Response to Clark et al research paper

2483 new JCU places and more to come

Finding the right exercise balance for people with multiple sclerosis

‘Treasure trove’ of new discoveries highlights gaps in coral knowledge

JCU Professor honoured with Australia Day role

Marine parks save sharks from overfishing threat

Teachers question ADHD diagnosis

Glass mountain could improve concrete

A fresh look at the voyage of Endeavour

Rare insights in the war on corrosion

Anaemia hits development of northern bubs


Building community spirit in mining towns

How the reef got its groove back

Prestigious award for reef sentinel

AITHM scientist’s global role in TB vaccine research

New global database to guide coral restoration

Ancient Antarctic ice melt increased sea levels by 3+ metres – and it could happen again

“Magic” of old photography delighting new generations of artists

Let’s talk about sex

Local artist drawn to the Mabo Library

Coral disease risk factors revealed

Australia needs to leave its tourism comfort zone

Troubled waters

Study indicates alarming fall in dolphin numbers


Big drop in global drownings - but not for our neighbours

JCU’s stunning Central Plaza opens

JCU researchers say g’day to the USA

AI brings automation to seafood industry

New system will streamline development of TB vaccines

JCU welcomes NAIF support for new student accommodation

JCU scholarship helps champion athlete focus on her goals

Rare earth metals: an untapped resource?

Exercise works for those beginning cancer treatment

JCU and Optus – partners for a digital north

JCU graduations postponed

107-year-old autograph album shines light on war-time friendships

JCU COVID-19 response

Heatwaves risky for fish

Coal danger underestimated

Tropical testing sharpened

JCU medicine students provide essential support

Keto diet showing promise


Win-win with Indigenous environmental programs