RDIM Research Data JCU Platform What metadata record to complete and when

What metadata record to complete and when

RDMP: Your RDMP should be developed as early as possible in the research project and then amended as changes occur or new information becomes available.

  • Proposal stage: you may wish to attach a RDMP (PDF) when you apply for a project grant;
  • Commencement: from 2020 the ARC requires a detailed plan prior to commencement of the project;
  • HDR Confirmation of Candidature: candidates are required to complete a RDMP (it can and should be updated during the project) and discuss it with their Advisors prior to confirmation;
  • Anytime you need it for your research activity. An ideal time to start is when you begin thinking about what data your project will generate or use.

Data Record: During or after a project for any data associated with research outputs, including theses.

Data Publication: During or after a project, e.g. thesis/data chapters during the project or at completion.

Your data publication can be embargoed to allow for your traditional outputs to be published first.