Ethics and Ethical Clearance

Research Data Management within Australia should comply with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, and needs to take into account any relevant ethical obligations, privacy protocols, and intellectual property rights with respect to the storage and security of research data and associated information. The level of detail in which data can be shared may also be limited by factors such as research ethics, and/or by intellectual property rights and other legal restrictions.

Many research projects will involve collecting data or information about human or animal subjects in a way that might impact on their rights.  Before collecting or using the personal information of others in research (e.g. health or social science research), or planning or conducting experimental or other research involving animals or animal populations, JCU researchers must obtain ethical clearance for their projects through a formal application process managed by the Ethics and Integrity Office within Research and Innovation Services.

Research involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians has additional requirements for the data generated.

Applications for ethical clearance will be assessed by the teams and committees dedicated to Animal Welfare and Ethics or Human Research Ethics.

There is also a separate process for registering and obtaining ethical clearance for Clinical Trials.

JCU's Ethics and Integrity Office reviews all applications for ethical clearance within the framework provided by national guidelines, including:

For further information, contact Research and Innovation Services' Ethics and Integrity office.