RDIM Step 6 - Review Review Retention Schedule

Review Retention Schedule

All records must be retained and disposed (if appropriate) in accordance with the requirements of any relevant funding bodies and the Queensland Public Universities University Sector Retention and Disposal Schedule.

Retention and disposal schedules will help you:

  • Know how long you need to keep records including both temporary and permanent.
  • Plan for future record keeping requirements and costs, including storage and preservation, as well as disaster preparedness and business continuity.
  • Routinely and legally destroy and/or transfer records once the business need for those records ends.

The Custodianship Model for Research Data and Information provides information on these responsibilities.

The following criteria should be considered in deciding which research data and primary materials should be retained:

  • Uniqueness and non-replicability;
  • Reliability, integrity, and usability;
  • Relevance to a known research initiative or collection;
  • Community, cultural or historical value; and
  • Economic benefit.

Contact us at researchdata@jcu.edu.au if you require assistance in updating the metadata records in Research Data JCU.