Cairns Campus Parking

For the remainder of the calendar year 2020, parking will be free on both Townsville and Cairns campuses. This only applies to formal, marked car parks. Infringements will still be issued for parking on the grass, parking contrary to parking signs and parking in reserved parking bays.

From 2019, free and permit parking is available. Find out more about where the designated areas are on the Cairns Parking Map. Peak parking demand occurs during early semester and the availability of parking spaces is limited during this period. Campus visitors are encouraged to make use of public transport, cycling and carpooling to reduce parking pressure during these peak demand times.

Full-year and half-year permit parking

The vPermit (virtual permit) system is available for JCU staff and students, and other affiliated personnel who wish to park their vehicles at the Cairns Campus.

Full year permits cover the calendar year January to December, while half-year permits cover January to June, and July to December.

vPermit eliminates the need for paper and sticker permits and will be available online.

Staff and students who wish to park in a permit area but do not wish to purchase a vPermit may opt to pay for parking per visit on a casual basis (see below).

Casual parking

Drivers who wish to park in a permit area but do not wish to purchase a vPermit may opt to pay for per-visit parking on a casual basis.

CellOPark is a free and easy to use app which allows users to set up their own account and pay for parking quickly and easily, eliminating the need to display paper tickets. Vehicle registration is recorded when you start a parking session.

Alternatively, casual parking fees can be paid using the Pay-by-Plate Machine located on campus.

Failure to activate a paid parking session may incur a parking infringement.

Parking enquiries may be forwarded by email to