VAVS Home Help CCC 103 Collaborative Work Group Table

CCC 103 Collaborative Work Group Table

There are nine group tables located throughout the room each seating six persons.

Each group table is fitted with the following equipment/controls

  • 2x Flat panel display  – wall mounted adjacent to the table (referred to as top and bottom screen)
  • HDMI cable (with liberty adaptors for laptops with other output connectors) for connecting a laptop at the table.
  • 8-button AV control – wall mounted below the flat panel display - for input and volume control

    • Off - turns off both flat panel displays
    • Local Laptop - Press to show a laptop connected to the AV system at the table
    • Lecture - button will light up when media (PC, laptop, wireless presenter or document camera/visualiser) is pushed from the lectern to the work group tables by the presenter/lecturer
    • Round knob - adjust volume