Graduate Research School Available Projects Adaptive decision making to improve strategic resource allocation

Adaptive decision making to improve strategic resource allocation

Title of Project

Adaptive decision making to improve strategic resource allocation


Professor Siggi Gudergan, in collaboration with Professor Nico Adams

College or Research Centre

College of Business, Law & Governance; College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

Strategic decisions regarding the allocation of resources within the realm of business are inherently complex and imbued with uncertainty. The progression of modelling complex systems to furnish insights for these strategic decisions – such as those concerning substantial capital investments – not only offers a more nuanced comprehension but also holds significant potential for enhancing, or even revolutionizing, this decision-making process. Nonetheless, the precise manner in which senior management incorporates data from complex systems modelling into their decision-making that essentially is adaptive remains unclear. Adaptive decision-making denotes a process of assimilating knowledge, refining comprehension, and ultimately tailoring managerial decision making in an effective manner, directed at effectively managing uncertainties.

We welcome expressions of interest from prospective doctoral students for research projects that aim to elucidate how the adaptive decision-making of senior management functions, particularly in instances where they can harness the insights derived from complex systems modelling data.

Advisors: Professor Siggi Gudergan, Professor Nico Adams,

Key Words

strategic management; adaptive decision making; simple rules; managerial decision making

Would suit an applicant who

is a professional and wants to advance thought leader knowledge and competencies as a means to move into senior consultant, advisor, director, partner, top management, and similar roles; or aspires to be a future academic who wants to have a successful career in business schools around the globe.

Updated: 11 Aug 2023