Graduate Research School Workshops and Training Workshop Registration and Attendance

Workshop Registration and Attendance

How to register for workshops

You must register for workshops (or external courses) you wish to attend, both Compulsory and Elective Components.  All Professional Development Program workshops require registration, which are self-managed online using CareerHub and LearnJCU (see Guide to Using CareerHub and LearnJCU). Skills for International Postgraduate (SKIP) candidates should note, however, that SKIP is not available for registration through CareerHub. International research degree candidates should contact Dr Liz Tynan ( for information about SKIP registration.

Registration will open six weeks before each workshop or event date. You are encouraged to register early, as maximum attendance numbers are strictly governed by venue seating capacities. By registering early you will have the added advantage of being on the workshop mailing list and you'll be advised in writing of necessary changes to workshop dates, times or venues. Where workshop places are limited due to room capacity, a waiting list will be available on CareerHub. If a fellow HDR candidate cancels their event registration and a place becomes available, an automated email will be issued by CareerHub to those on the waiting list. If you receive such advice, you must take action to secure your place. You will not be granted a place unless you confirm that you wish to book in.

Generally, if fewer than five people register for an Elective Component workshop at one campus, the workshop may be postponed to a later date and/or conducted via video-link from another campus. Such changes to the schedule will be communicated in writing by email.

Attendance Records

To help you satisfy the requirements for Confirmation of Candidature, and of the subject RD7003 Professional Development, attendance records are kept for all GRS-presented sessions outlined in this Professional Development Program handbook. Attendance sheets will be recorded for all Compulsory Component sessions, as well as any Elective Component workshops that are managed by the GRS, and CareerHub registrations will be updated accordingly after the workshop by GRS staff.

Help us help you: please ensure that you register for the sessions you wish to attend and sign-in at the session (if necessary, ask the workshop convenor for the sign-in sheet). In the case of the online modules on LearnJCU, once you have completed the associated quizzes, you may find records of your completion in the My Grades area in the Higher Degree by Research Students Community (see Guide to Using CareerHub and LearnJCU). In the case of the Smart Sparrow Research Ethics and Integrity Module, your result will be sent to you by email from Smart Sparrow.

HDR candidates may keep records of other training or workshops offered elsewhere that can be counted towards the RD7003 subject requirements. The ePortfolio on CareerHub should be used as a personal storage facility for such records – please use it for this purpose. Please note that the GRS cannot see what you place into your own ePortfolio. You are responsible as an HDR candidate to request proof of attendance from workshop convenors where courses or workshops are offered beyond the GRS Professional Development Program. You will be able to find the official CareerHub record of your attendance at GRS sessions if you click Events, then click through My Event Bookings to Booking History.


Failure to attend a reserved place in a Professional Development Program workshop without notice or cancellation less than 24 hours before the scheduled time means that someone else may miss out on attending that workshop. Please consider others who may be on a waiting list.  Non-attendance will also be recorded in CareerHub.

Failure to turn up for some workshops is a problem for two reasons. Firstly, other participants who want to attend the workshop may miss out. Secondly, the style of the workshop is tailored for the number of attendees. Activities designed for 20+ people may not work for five. Last minute cancellation also causes significant difficulties. If you can’t come to a session, please cancel as soon as you become aware of this.

By familiarising yourself with self-managed registrations in CareerHub, you can help us by ensuring that you cancel your registration if you will no longer be able to attend a certain workshop or event, thus freeing up a place for others who may be on a waiting list.