Graduate Research School Available Projects Challenging targets in rare earth metal-organic chemistry

Challenging targets in rare earth metal-organic chemistry

Title of Project

Challenging targets in rare earth metal-organic chemistry


Prof Peter Junk

College or Research Centre

College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

This project aims to prepare technically demanding, highly reactive rare earth organometallic and metal-organic compounds, especially from the free metals, and to determine their structures and reactivity. The challenging target systems include coordination stabilised novel ligands, pseudo-Grignard reagents LnR(X) including the rare fluorides, complexes primed for C-F activation, and intermediates from use of lanthanoid reagents in organic synthesis. The studies provide a knowledge base and expertise for the utilisation of Australia's abundant rare earths in chemical manufacture, catalysis, and recycling, and will transform the current behaviour of the elements. The project is currently funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant.

Key Words

rare earths; organometallics; chemical synthesis; inorganic chemistry; reactivity

Would suit an applicant who

Would suit a highly motivated chemist who wishes to explore fundamentals of rare earth chemistry, but with outlooks that underpin major Australian resources.

Updated: 15 Apr 2021