Graduate Research School Available Projects Electrochemical Sensors for Aquatic Analysis

Electrochemical Sensors for Aquatic Analysis

Title of Project

Electrochemical Sensors for Aquatic Analysis


Yang Liu

College or Research Centre

College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

Portable electrochemical sensors with high performance and low cost are increasingly necessary for aquatic analysis to protect freshwater and marine ecosystems. This project aims to innovatively design electrochemical sensors for detection of substances of environmental and biological importance. JCU Electrochemistry & Sensors Lab has excellent facilities for preparation and characterisation of sensing materials, as well as testing analytical performance of electrochemical sensing devices.

Key Words

Electrochemistry; Sensors; Environmental Monitoring; Biosensing

Would suit an applicant who

has interest and background in analytical chemistry, electrochemistry or materials chemistry

Updated: 12 Jul 2023