Graduate Research School Available Projects Energy production from biomass waste

Energy production from biomass waste

Title of Project

Energy production from biomass waste


Prof Mohan Jacob

College or Research Centre

College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

Petroleum consumption is rising around the globe and renewable alternatives need to be found in order to reduce petroleum consumption and eventually provide a replacement. The main use of petroleum is for heat and energy generation and a great deal of research has been done on identifying renewable energy sources. An often overlooked use of petroleum is the manufacture of base petrochemicals, which are used to manufacture plastics, chemicals for a wide variety of industries and other products that are essential to the modern world. Biomass waste is a potential sustainable and renewable resource of energy, which can be used to produce syngas and bio-oil to generate energy or produce chemicals. This project aims to study the conversion of biomass waste into biodiesel by using pyrolysis (microwave and conventional pyrolysis).

The project will have different components and involves different fields/ academic disciplines such as Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics etc. Based on the candidate’s field of study, and research interest, the objectives of the project will be designed.

Key Words

pyrolysis; biomass; biodiesel

Would suit an applicant who

has a relevant BE Honours degree or Master in Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering or equivalent.

Updated: 13 May 2022