Graduate Research School Available Projects Machine learning for environmental applications

Machine learning for environmental applications

Title of Project

Machine learning for environmental applications


Dr Bronson Phillipa

College or Research Centre

College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

Machine learning is an exciting direction of research that has applications is almost every field of science. Multiple PhD projects are available in different aspects of machine learning. Some possible projects include: (1) developing computing vision systems for marine applications, such as surveying the reef and monitoring benthic habitats; (2) addressing fundamental questions in computer vision such as how to improve robustness and how to develop explainable models; (3) how to deal with having only small quantities of labelled training data; and (4) how to efficiently run models on edge computing devices with limited resources. These are collaborative, interdisciplinary projects where students would be working with scientists in specific disciplines to develop machine learning tools that address major challenges in that field.

Key Words

Computer vision; deep learning; machine learning; explainable AI

Would suit an applicant who

These projects suit an applicant with an interest in some of the following: data science, machine learning, computer vision, deep learning, and programming. They especially suit applicants who want their machine learning systems to have real purpose and to provide environmental, social and/or economic benefits.

Updated: 15 Apr 2021