Graduate Research School Available Projects Organic electronics modelling from materials to devices

Organic electronics modelling from materials to devices

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Organic electronics modelling from materials to devices


Dr Bronson Phillipa

College or Research Centre

College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

Organic semiconductors are electronic materials containing carbon. They are an emerging technology with applications in light emitting diodes (LEDs), solar cells, transistors, and sensors. Multiple PhD projects are available in the space of organic electronics, and the projects can be customised to suit students’ interests. Example projects would include: (1) developing computational models to understand how these devices work on a fundamental level and strategies to improve them; (2) studying the interactions between device and material structure and the resulting impact on performance; (3) applying machine learning methods to material discovery and/or device design to accelerate the development of new materials and devices. These projects are supported by ARC Discovery Project funding and long-standing collaborations with multiple institutions across Australia. They are highly collaborative: successful applicants will have the opportunity to work with chemists, physicists and engineers on development of next-generation electronics technology.

Key Words

organic semiconductors; organic electronics; charge transport; exciton dynamics; modelling; theory

Would suit an applicant who

These projects suit an applicant with an interest in some of the following: materials science, semiconductor physics, computational physics, numerical mathematics, light emitting devices, solar cells, or sensor technologies.

Updated: 15 Apr 2021