Graduate Research School Available Projects Polymer Solar Cells: Synthesis, Characterisation and Device Fabrication

Polymer Solar Cells: Synthesis, Characterisation and Device Fabrication

Title of Project

Polymer Solar Cells: Synthesis, Characterization and Device Fabrication

Name of Advisor/s

Dr George Vamvounis


College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

Solar cells are viable and environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels for cost-effective electricity. Polymer solar cells, in particular, are light weight and flexible giving the potential to revolutionize solar energy production as it enables portability. The performance of plastic solar cells is driven by several factors, including the amount of sunlight absorbed and their morphology. In this project, new conjugated polymers will be prepared in order to understand the effect of the absorption and morphology dependence on solar energy conversion. In particular, you will:

  1. synthesize and structurally characterise new conjugated polymers.
  2. characterise the optical (absorption and emission) and thermal properties of your novel materials.
  3. prepare prototype devices using your new materials.
  4. work within a JCU (Prof. Ron White, Dr. Bronson Philippa) and an Australia-wide ( interdisciplinary research team that is pushing-forward the next generation of organic semiconductors.


Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Solar Cells, Optical Properties, Thermal Properties

Would suit an applicant who

Has interest in Organic, Polymer and/or Physical Chemistry and enjoys working in a multidisciplinary team.