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Graduate Research School Available Projects RF Plasma Polymerisation and thin films

RF Plasma Polymerisation and thin films

Title of Project

RF Plasma Polymerisation and thin films

Name of Advisor/s

Prof Mohan Jacob


College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

JCU Electronics Material Lab has an excellent facility to develop Graphene from various renewable carbon sources. The main focus of the research group is to develop plasma polymer thin films from nonconventional organic resources using RF Plasma Polymerisation. The lab possesses different plasma sources such as Radio Frequency and Microwaves. The project involves plasma polymer thin film fabrication, material characterization, design and fabrication of different devices, and developing applications especially for biomedical applications, encapsulation of organic electronic devices.

The project also aims to develop biomaterials and encapsulation layers for biomedical applications.

This project has different components and involves different fields/ academic disciplines such as Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Biomedicine etc. Based on the candidate’s field of study, and research interest, the objectives of the project will be designed.


Plasma polymer thin films, PECVD, Biomaterials, Biomedical Devices

Would suit an applicant who

has completed a first-class Honours or a Masters degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Materials Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and related areas.