Graduate Research School Available Projects Synthesis of new antiparastic agents

Synthesis of new antiparastic agents

Title of Project

Synthesis of new antiparastic agents


Mark Robertson

College or Research Centre

College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

Parasitic infections remain one of the most devastating economic burdens inflicted on tropical societies. A compound isolated from a traditional medicinal plant has been identified as an attractive lead target for treatment of these afflictions.  This project aims to produce a series of compounds using flow chemistry with the intent of increasing potency whilst reducing the toxic side effects. Flow chemistry is an emerging technology that is driving centuries old chemical methodology into the modern world. This project seeks to develop an efficient, robust route to these compounds to allow us to better treat neglected tropical disease.

Key Words

parasites; synthetic chemistry; organic chemistry

Would suit an applicant who

Enjoys synthetic chemistry and is interested in medicinal chemistry

Updated: 07 Apr 2020