Graduate Research School Available Projects Understanding and improving rare earth corrosion inhibitors

Understanding and improving rare earth corrosion inhibitors

Title of Project

Understanding and improving rare earth corrosion inhibitors


Prof Peter Junk

College or Research Centre

College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

This project aims to investigate rare earth corrosion inhibitors by an interdisciplinary program of chemistry and materials science. The project will generate new knowledge as to how rare earth corrosion inhibitors function and can be improved. Expected outcomes include a better understanding of inhibitor induced protective films and improved inhibitors. Significant benefits are eventually better protection of infrastructure from corrosion with greener inhibitors and a new bulk use for rare earths to aid Australia’s emerging rare earth industry. The project is currently funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant.

Key Words

rare earths; metal-organic complexes; chemical synthesis; corrosion inhibition; lanthanoids

Would suit an applicant who

Would suit a highly motivated chemist who wants to gain a thorough understanding of corrosion and how to prevent it. This highly applied project has many aspects involving synthesis, characterisation and physical chemistry techniques such as electrochemistry, surface technique and X-ray diffractions.

Updated: 15 Apr 2021