Graduate Research School Available Projects Understanding resilience and risk factors in adolescence

Understanding resilience and risk factors in adolescence

Title of Project

Understanding resilience and risk factors in adolescence


Dr Liza van Eijk

College or Research Centre

College of Healthcare Sciences

Summary of Project

We are looking for enthusiastic PhD students to join a neuroscience research project at James Cook University, under supervision of Professor Zoltan Sarnyai (Psychiatric Neuroscience lab) and Dr Liza van Eijk. The project has a strong focus on neuroimaging, neuropsychology and neurobiology. You will be involved in examining brain growth and resilience factors during adolescence to provide insight into why some individuals are more prone to the effects of stress than others. We will make use of a local longitudinal MRI dataset and combine this data with biological samples, cognitive assessments, and psychological questionnaires. By combining a variety of these measures, we aim to investigate the influence of stress and on brain development, as well as to identify resilience factors that make certain individuals more protected against the influence of stress.

Key Words

resilience; stress; brain; neuroimaging; neurobiology; adolescence; development

Would suit an applicant who

has a strong interest and/or background in (Neuro)Psychology/Mathematics/Biology/Physics/Engineering/Neuroimaging/Neurobiology or equivalent

Updated: 20 Oct 2022