Graduate Research School Available Projects Virtual-Reality (VR) Based Immersive 3D Telemedicine

Virtual-Reality (VR) Based Immersive 3D Telemedicine

Title of Project

Virtual-Reality (VR) Based Immersive 3D Telemedicine


Wei Xiang

College or Research Centre

College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

Virtual Reality (VR) is emerging as a revolutionary information and communications, technology (ICT). The main characteristic of the VR technique is the full immersion of the user into a vivid communication experience. The immersive, in-person experience can increases engagement, helping to build relationships and trust more quickly. Since telemedicine is principally focusing on transmitting medical information, VR has the potential to enhance this function. Particularly VR can be used in telemedicine as an advanced communication interface, which enables a more intuitive mode of interacting with information, and as a flexible environment that enhances the feeling of physical presence during the interaction. This project aims to develop an innovative VR-based interactive 3D video communications system for immersive 3D telemedicine applications. The project will develop advanced multi-view 3D video compression algorithms alongside error-resilient and bandwidth-efficient channel transmission schemes.

Key Words

virtual reality; 3D video; video communications; wireless communications

Would suit an applicant who

has completed a Honours (first-class) or a Masters degree in Computer Systems, Electrical, Communications, or Software Engineering.

Updated: 07 Apr 2020