CSIRO Scholarships

CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarships – Apply Now!

The CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship Program provides opportunities in science and engineering for outstanding graduates at Australian tertiary institutions.

Each year, the Program supports postgraduate scholarships for students to work on a project relevant to one of several priority research areas. Students are co-supervised by researchers in an Australian university and CSIRO.

Top-up PhD Scholarships are available to PhD students who have gained (or expect to gain), first class honours or equivalent in relevant research areas. Students must also expect to receive a Research Training Program scholarship (RTP) or equivalent scholarship commencing in the year of the CSIRO scholarship. Full scholarships may be available in certain circumstances.


Applications are being sought in nominated priority research areas for the 2018 program and will support a number of new PhD Scholarships.

For details on the opportunities available please visit: www.csiro.au/Postgraduate-Scholarships

Applications close 31 October 2017.