JCU Access Fund

The JCU Access Fund could be the answer if money problems stand between you and a higher education at JCU. The reasons for your financial circumstances are taken into consideration when awarding these scholarships and bursaries.

Scholarships for 2018 will be updated when the information is available.

JCU Access Scholarship

Student type: Undergraduate, first year
Value: $tba

JCU Access Bursary

Student type: Undergraduate, first year
Value: $tba

JCU Support Grant

Student type: Undergraduate, second year
Value: $500 evoucher at the Co-Op Bookshop

Opening and closing dates

Round One: to be advised ,  Closing date will be 28 February 2018

Round Two: Opens 1 May 2018, Closing date will be 31 July 2018

Am I eligible?

If all the below statements describe you and your current situation, you can apply for the JCU Access Fund:

  • I am an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen or Permanent or Humanitarian Visa holder
  • I am in need of financial support
  • I am or will be enrolled in my first or second calendar year of an undergraduate diploma or bachelor course
  • I have not previously completed a bachelor degree (or it is a prerequisite to my current course)
  • I am or will be enrolled full-time (any mode) (minimum of 9 credit points per semester)

First year students are only eligible for the Access Scholarship or Bursary*
Second year students are only eligible for the Support Grant*

* If you are undertaking your 3rd or 4th semester of study, regardless of course progression, you are considered a second year student.

You can only receive an Access Fund scholarship once in a lifetime.

How do I apply?

Just follow these 5 easy steps to put in an application

Step 1 Check that you are eligible to apply
Step 2 Read the conditions of the Scholarship below and make sure you understand what they mean
Step 3 You will be required to provide some supporting documentation to verify your circumstances - examples of what you might need to provide can be found here.
free scanning apps for your mobile device are an easy way to upload documents.
Step 4

If you have your JCU Student ID then apply through eStudent
See eStudent Application instructions for further help

Step 5 If you only have your QTAC reference number you will need to complete an Application Form

If you have any difficulty or need further assistance then please contact the Scholarships Office.

When are payments made?

Round one payment:

If you are a successful recipient in round 1 you will receive the following:

JCU Access Scholarship:
Approximately 3-4 weeks after census date of Teaching Period 1.

JCU Access Bursary:
Approximately 3-4 weeks after census date of Teaching Period 1.

JCU Support Grant:
Recipients will receive a credit of $500 at the Coop bookshop which will be issued after census date of Teaching Period 1.

Round two payments:

If you are a successful recipient in rounds 2  you will receive your full Scholarship entitlement approximately 3-4 weeks after the census date of the Teaching Period in which you are awarded.

JCU Access Scholarship: Approximately 2-3 weeks after census date of Teaching Period 2.

JCU Access Bursary: Approximately 2-3 weeks after census date of Teaching Period 1

JCU Support Grant: Approximately 3-4 days after census date of Teaching Period 2

All payments are made by direct deposit to your bank account or as an evoucher at the JCU Bookshop.

What happens now?

Email acknowledgement   You will receive an email within 5 days of sending your application.
eStudent status is Verified 

You have provided all the information that is needed.

eStudent status is Incomplete  You will receive an email asking for the relevant information.
Round Closed  After the Round closing date all verified applications are scored and ranked.
Application still incomplete after round closed   Update the scholarship office if your circumstances change and send the remaining information you were asked for.  Your application will then be assessed for the next round.
Outcome Successful   You will receive an email with the appropriate acceptance forms.
Outcome Unsuccessful   You will receive an email with further support information.

If you are unsure of any step in the process please contact scholarships@jcu.edu.au

Being eligible does not guarantee a scholarship

If you meeting the scholarship eligibility criteria it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be awarded a scholarship. There are a limited number of Scholarships and there are often more applicants than scholarships.

Applicants are ranked against eligibility criteria and then scholarships are awarded to applicants who best meet that eligibility criteria. If you’re unsuccessful it doesn’t mean that you’re not in need; rather, it means that there are other applicants who’ve been assessed as being in greater need.  You may still be eligible to re-apply in the future, or your application may be included in future rounds if it is stated in the rules.

Useful Links

Examples of Supporting Documentation

Centrelink for Students
- Payment Finder
- Student Start Up Loan
- Study Assist
- Living on a Student Budget
- Australian Tax Office

Scholarship rules

That apply to:

  • JCU Access Scholarships
  • JCU Access Bursaries
  • JCU Support Grants


For the purpose of this document the JCU Access Scholarships, JCU Access Bursaries and JCU Support Grants will be collectively referred to as the JCU Access Fund.  A payment under this program will be referred to as an award.
The JCU Access Fund has been established to assist JCU first and second year undergraduate students from low socio-economic backgrounds with study related costs.

The JCU Access Fund is funded from a number of sources, including JCU, the Commonwealth Government’s Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program, and by donations from members of the community.

This scholarship is subject to the provisions of the James Cook University Coursework Scholarships, Bursaries and Grants Policy.

Nature of the JCU Access Fund

The JCU Access Scholarship

  • is valued at $tba or such amount as the Selection Committee may determine from time to time;

The JCU Access Bursary

  • is valued at $tba or such amount as the Selection Committee may determine from time to time;

The JCU Support Grant

  • is valued at a $500 or such amount as the Selection Committee may determine from time to time;
  • is to be paid as an eVoucher at the Coop Bookshop to be redeemed within a timeframe specified by the Selection Committee, or as cash, depending on the source of funding, following the census dates for Teaching Period 1 and 21.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an award under the JCU Access Fund, an applicant must:

  • for JCU Access Scholarships and JCU Access Bursaries be a JCU student in their first year of enrolment1 in an undergraduate bachelor or diploma course as at the census date for Study Period 1 and 2; or
  • for JCU Support Grants be a JCU student in their second year of enrolment2 in an undergraduate bachelor or diploma course, as at the census date for Teaching Period 1 and 21; and
  • be an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen or a holder of a permanent (or humanitarian) visa; and
  • be enrolled by the census date as a full-time student (at least 9 credit points) in Teaching Period 1 or 2 or be enrolled by the relevant census date as a part-time student due to exceptional circumstances that prevent the applicant from enrolling as a full-time student; and
  • have not previously completed a bachelor degree (or it is a prerequisite to their current course)
  • be experiencing on-going financial hardship demonstrated by sufficient documentary evidence to enable a comprehensive assessment by the Selection Committee. Evidence may be in the form of an applicant being eligible for or receiving Centrelink benefits or be dependent on a person who is receiving Centrelink benefits.
  • be able to demonstrate that they have experienced ongoing hardship or additional challenges which may hinder their access to, or participation in, tertiary education.

1 Have or will complete Semester 1 or currently in Semester 2
2 Have completed 2 Semesters and are currently in their 3rd or 4th Semester (2nd year)

Application Procedures

Applications must be submitted on the official form no later than the advertised closing date of the relevant Round.

Applicants must attach to the official form, where appropriate:

  • a copy of all supporting documentation, as indicated on the application form; and
  • any other supporting documentation that would assist the Selection Committee in assessing the merit of the application.

Applications submitted without the relevant documentation will not be considered.

The applicant authorises the Selection Committee to make such enquiries as to the applicant’s suitability to receive the award, which includes authorisation for the Selection Committee to examine the applicant’s academic record.

Selection Process

The selection criteria and ranking methodology shall be determined each year by the Selection Committee, which shall comprise:

  • Dean, Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement, or nominee (Chair);
  • Manager, Student Equity and Wellbeing, or nominee;
  • Head, Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student & Community Engagement, or nominee;
  • Student Advocacy and Support Officer, JCU Student Association, or nominee;
  • Manager, External Relations, or nominee;
  • Business Analyst, Quality, Planning and Analytics, or nominee;
  • Manager, Student Finance and Examinations, or nominee.

At any meeting of the Committee three members shall form a quorum.

The Committee or its Chairperson may invite other University staff members and persons external to the University, as required for the purposes of the Committee, to attend meetings as advisors.

In establishing the selection criteria and ranking methodology, the Selection Committee will afford consideration to the following criteria:

  • extent of hardship experienced by applicant;
  • applicant’s status in relation to under-represented groups in higher education;
  • other criteria that the Selection Committee deems appropriate.

The Committee shall nominate a suitably qualified person as the Evaluation Officer to undertake the ranking of applications in accordance with the agreed methodology.

The Director, Student Services shall nominate a person who has not been appointed as the Evaluation Officer, as the Quality Assurance Officer to rank 10% of the applications in accordance with the agreed methodology.

Any significant discrepancies between the rankings of the Evaluation Officer and the Quality Assurance Officer shall be reported to the Dean, Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement, or nominee and appropriate action taken.

An applicant will not be selected for an award under the JCU Access Fund unless the University is satisfied that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria.

When assessing exceptional circumstances relating to part-time study, the decision that an applicant cannot study full-time due to exceptional circumstances will be made by the Evaluation Officer; and for the purposes of ongoing eligibility by the Manager, Student Finance & Examinations. Factors such as disability, significant carer responsibilities, the unique circumstances of Indigenous students and course constraints outside a student’s control will be taken into account in determining ability to study full-time.

Where the number of eligible applications exceeds the awards available, applications will be ranked using the methodology determined by the Selection Committee, and awards will be allocated in order of rank.

Where applications are ranked equally on the basis of personal and financial circumstances, academic merit will be used as the final determinant.

The Selection Committee, in accordance with agreed ranking methodology, will determine and ratify the recipients of awards of the JCU Access Fund.

Conditions of the JCU Access Fund

Payment instalments for Round 1 will be paid after the specified date (Feb 2017)

Payment of Round 2 and Round 3 is subject to confirmation of enrolment after the census date for the relevant Teaching Period (Study Period 1 or 2).

Payment will not be made for an award if the recipient does not confirm acceptance by 30 April for Teaching Period 1 or 30 September for Teaching Period 2.

An award may be terminated by the Director, Student and Academic Services if the recipient:

  • ceases to meet the eligibility criteria; or
  • is suspended or excluded from their course of study in which they were offered a award under the provisions of the Academic Progression Policy; or
  • has been subject to more than one penalty for academic misconduct under the University’s Student Academic Misconduct Requirements;
  • has been found guilty of inappropriate conduct under the Student Conduct Policy and this inappropriate conduct is deemed serious by the Student Discipline Committee;
  • is found to have provided false or misleading information in relation to the award.

Administration of the Award

The Fund shall be administered by the Scholarships Office, Student Services, on behalf of the Selection Committee.

The funds shall be held in an account in the name of the University and shall be administered by the officer of the University charged with administering the program.

Appeal Process

A student may request a review of any decision made pursuant to this policy by lodging the request in writing with the Manager, Student Finance & Examinations, within 14 days of the date of notification.

If not satisfied with the outcome of the review a student may then lodge an appeal under the JCU Student Complaints Management Policy.

1 The census dates for Study Period 1 and Study Period 2
2 The year of enrolment relates to the period of time that the student has been enrolled, regardless of the year level of subjects within the course.

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