VAVS Home Help Connect from external venue to JCU over IP/E.164

Connect from external venue to JCU over IP/E.164

E.164 Alias addressing

It is not possible to dial an IP address of a JCU videoconference venue.


Connecting by neighbouring

  1. Neighbour your VCS/BC/GK with our VCS-E, IP address,

  2. Issue a prefix which will point to our VCS-E

  3. Dial the E.164 Alias of the JCU unit you wish to connect to, i.e.47535190.

Please note the prefix used must be stripped.

Connecting without neighbouring

  1. Using a H.460.18/19 compliant end-point:
    Examples of H.460.18/19 compliant end-points are;
  • Tandberg MXP systems with software version F4.1 or L4.0 or later
  • Polycom VSX and V500 systems with software version 8.5 or later

H.323 or SIP: Dial, i.e. or 47535190@

  • 2. Using a non-compliant end-point:

URI dialling, if supported by your end-point, will also work from end-points which are not compliant with H.460.18/19 if it is registered with a GK.

Calling from a Polycom or LifeSize end-point which only supports proprietary “URI dialling”, call Alias – i.e. to call our Townsville office you would dial – if this does not work then we will have to initiate the connection and connect to you using your public IP Address.

If you do not allow incoming calls, contact us for a temporary work around.