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TCBD Collaborative Learning Area

Collaborative Learning Area work group table

There are eight group tables located throughout the room each seating six persons.

The group table is fitted with the following equipment/controls

  • Flat panel display  – wall mounted adjacent to the table

  • HDMI and Apple Mini Displayport cables for laptops on the table

  • Wireless presentation device – Via Connect Pro

  • AV button control unit – wall mounted below the flat panel display

    (A keyboard and mouse for interaction with the Wireless Presenter if required)

  • button controller

    • Off – Flat panel in stand by

    • Local – Connect a laptop using one of the cables on the table and show it on the flat panel – the lecturer can push the screen content of a connected work group table laptop to all the flat panel displays in the room (controlled from the lecturer’s touch panel). When no laptop is connected the monitor will show the log on screen for the Wireless Collaborator device VIA Connect Pro

    • Lecturer – View lecturer’s laptop or PC presentation on the flat panel display (controlled from the lecturer’s touch panel)