What is RiskWare?

What is RiskWare?

RiskWare is JCU's online system for:

  • Enterprise Risk Management, including recording, assessing and managing business risks, and
  • Work Health and Safety Risk Management, including reporting and managing incidents, injuries and hazards.

Accessible from any computer with internet access, RiskWare is an intuitive system for staff and students to report and manage risks and incidents in real-time. It can also produce comprehensive reports for managing risk across JCU, provide corrective treatment and action plans, and record actions taken to reduce risk. Relevant staff will receive automated email notification of corrective treatments and actions.

RiskWare does not diminish a supervisor's responsibility to manage reported events, and does not eliminate the need for managers and their staff to discuss circumstances and implement corrective actions that are applicable to incidents, injuries or identified hazards.

Before using RiskWare

To access and use RiskWare, staff and students must first authenticate using their JCU username and password.

Log in to RiskWare

*Note, not all staff are required to watch the ERM module; if this module is applicable to your role at JCU, you will be issued formal notification by email.