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All Staff, Students, members of JCU Council, Affiliates, Visitors, Tenants, Controlled Entities, Volunteers and Contractors who come on to a JCU campus will need to adhere to the JCU Smoke-free Campus Policy. This also includes the general public walking through our campuses as well as all Student Accommodation.

Why smoke-free?

Our move to smoke-free campuses is part of a broader commitment by all Queensland universities and TAFE colleges to provide healthier smoke-free environments. This initiative emerged from the 2016 Queensland Parliamentary Committee inquiry into smoking* and tobacco use at universities, technical and further education facilities, and registered training organisations.

In Queensland, the State Government is supporting all public universities to implement smoke-free policies through its Smoke-free Higher Education and Training initiative. All Queensland universities will be smoke-free as of 1 July 2018.

JCU has a legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace and to protect staff, students and visitors from the serious health risks associated with exposure to secondhand smoke. We recognise that our staff, students and visitors have a personal choice to smoke, but we recognise the right for staff and students who do not smoke to work and study in an environment free from second-hand smoke.

JCU is providing an evidence based approach to the support services, and does not support strategies that are ineffective or unproven, in line with the RACGP Clinical Guidelines.

Where you can smoke

JCU's Smoke-free Campus Policy will be amended to indicate smoking is not permitted on JCU grounds. This includes all JCU buildings, grounds, carparks and vehicles.

If you wish to smoke, you will need to go off-campus, beyond the campus boundaries.

JCU Cairns, Nguma-bada campus, Smithfield boundary map (PDF, 2111 KB)

JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus Douglas boundary map (PDF, 2142 KB)

When choosing a location off-campus to smoke, please consider neighbours and the environment, and dispose of cigarette butts by using your personal butt-bin. We recommend you choose an area that is not remote, is safe, and well lit at night.

Please note, smoking is not permitted within the adjoining Townsville Hospital and medical services precinct.

Further information

Smoking is the inhalation and exhalation of the smoke of burning tobacco, herbs or drugs.

Under the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998 (Tobacco Act), electronic cigarettes are defined as smoking products. Electronic cigarettes include e-cigarettes, e-cigars, vapour pens, and personal vapourisers or other similar devices.

JCU Smoke-free Policy therefore also includes the use of electronic cigarettes.

Quitting smoking isn't easy, but with the right tools and support, quitting smoking is possible and can be one of the most life-changing decisions a person can make.

Support for staff

The Smoke-free JCU QUIT Program is available to all staff who want to quit smoking with the support of counsellors, resources and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products.

Smokers who opt not to participate in the Smoke-free JCU QUIT Program can access free support and resources by contacting Quitline on 13 QUIT (13 78 48).

Support for students

JCU students are eligible to participate in the Queensland Health Intensive Quit Support Program, which provides free access to counsellors, resources and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products. To sign up, contact Quitline on 13 QUIT (13 78 48).

Implementation of JCU's Smoke-free Policy is important and a variety of methods will be used to raise awareness, including:

  • Signage and posters
  • Social media, bulletin items and emails to students and staff
  • Pre-arrival information for new students and staff, as well as information via orientation and induction programs, and relevant JCU events.

Any staff, student or visitor who smokes on a JCU campus may be approached by staff, students or campus security and reminded about our Smoke-free Policy. The success of this approach will depend on the thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of smokers and non-smokers.

We believe that implementing this policy is everyone's responsibility and all students and staff have the opportunity to be a part of a positive culture change.

Students and staff are encouraged to have respectful conversations with smokers about the policy to help JCU become smoke-free.

Transitioning to a smoke-free campus requires respect for others, both non-smokers and smokers. You are encouraged to respectfully and politely remind smokers that they must go off-campus if they wish to smoke. If you have a recurring issue at a particular location, please contact

Quitline 'butt-bins' will be available from the JCU Student Association, Security office, and the Work Health and Safety team, and are to be used as a means for asking smokers to cease smoking, and dispose of their cigarette butt responsibly.

You may find it difficult to ask an individual or group to cease smoking, and whilst you are encouraged to do so, you are under no obligation to act.

If you do approach someone who is smoking on campus, you can refer to campus signage, or use the following tips to guide you:

  • Always remember that smoking is an addiction; sometimes smoking is associated to stress or an addiction to nicotine, so it's important to be mindful of this when explaining the policy
  • Smile, introduce yourself and politely advise the person that JCU is now smoke-free
  • Respectfully request the smoker to cease smoking, or move off campus if they wish to keep smoking
  • If the person complies, remember to thank them. If the person becomes angry or confrontational, excuse yourself and report the incident to your manager or Security.

JCU encourages Staff, Students, members of JCU Council, Affiliates, Visitors, Tenants, Controlled Entities, Volunteers and Contractors to refrain from smoking on campus. University policy will be updated to prohibit smoking on campus, and failure to comply with policy may result in disciplinary action for staff and students or a request to leave the campus for other persons as listed above.

James Cook Uni Bar

Under the liquor license it holds, the Uni Bar in Townsville is permitted by law to provide a Designated Outdoor Smoking Area during hours of operation.


To provide feedback on your experience with the policy change, the impact on your surrounding environment, or to ask questions or raise concerns, please contact