Bioinformatics: sequencing genomes with the MinION

Bioinformatics: sequencing genomes with the MinION

This intensive one week workshop will equip participants with the computational and lab skills needed to plan and analyse experiments based on long read sequencing technology. It features:

  • Hands-on experience sequencing with the phone-sized MinION sequencer.
  • Introduction to command line tools for inspecting, filtering and summarising the huge volumes of data produced by your MinION run
  • A two-day introduction to R with expert instructor Nicholas Matigian from QFAB
  • Use command line tools to assemble a genome from your MinION data

The cost for the whole one-week workshop is $125, including lunch. Participants must bring their own laptop as this is a hands-on computational course.

PhD candidates may count 40 hours towards RD7003 Professional Development if they complete the whole week of the course.  The course organisers will provide a certificate.

This one-week intensive will only run on Townsville campus.  A shorter version covering some aspects of this course will run in Cairns 10-12 July 2019.  See information on “Programming and RNA-Seq Analysis with R”.

Presented by Nicholas Matigian (QFAB), Dr Ira Cooke (JCU), Dr Aurelie Moya (JCU)

Nicholas Matigian is a data analyst (Biostatistician and Bioinformatician). He has 15 years’ experience in analysing high throughput genomic data, including gene expression, methylation, metagenomics, high-throughput mass spectrometry protein profiling and next-generation sequencing data. For the past two years, Nicholas has provided statistical support to UQDI and other UQ researchers as part of the UQDI Biostatistics Facility.  He is also an experienced trainer and will be presenting the two day introduction to R for this workshop.

Dr Ira Cooke is a senior lecturer in bioinformatics at JCU.  He has over two decades experience working with big biological datasets, especially high those produced by genomic sequencing technologies.  He is a strong believer in learning through problem solving and hands-on experience with computational tools.  He will present background theory on long-read sequencing and genome assembly and will guide students through hands-on exercises that each command-line analysis skills.

Dr Aurelie Moya is a postdoctoral research fellow at the ARC Center of Excellence for Coral Reef studies at JCU.  She has extensive experience with wet lab techniques for genomics as well as downstream data analysis.  She will demonstrate how to prepare and load a sample for DNA sequencing with a MinION sequencer.

TownsvilleMonday 15 July to Friday 19 July 20199:00am to 5:00pm every dayRoom details will be provided to registered attendees via email

Please note that this workshop is being organised by JCU’s Centre for Tropical Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology (CTBMB), and will not be placed onto CareerHub for registration.  You will need to register online at