Graduate Research School Available Projects Farm safety: Disaster and resilience

Farm safety: Disaster and resilience

Title of Project

Farm safety: Disaster and resilience

Name of Advisor/s

Richard Franklin


College of Public Health, Medical & Veterinary Science

Summary of Project

The number and severity of disasters is increasing and the impact of these are felt throughout the community, however one of the most vulnerable populations is farming, as they often experience drought, flooding, fires and for those in Northern Australia cyclones.  Unlike other businesses the impact of a disaster may mean that they are unable to produce any income in a given year and this effects the family, workers and communities in which they are involved in.  This project would explore the impact of disasters on farming and what strategies can be implemented to improve the resilience of farmers, their families and workers.  

Key Words

Disaster, resilience, flood, fire, drought, farming, safety, future

Would suit an applicant who

Would suit an applicant who has a background in psychology, human behaviour; public health, environmental health, business.