Graduate Research School Available Projects Metabolic Control of Innate and Innate-Like Immunity

Metabolic Control of Innate and Innate-Like Immunity

Title of Project

Metabolic Control of Innate and Innate-Like Immunity

Name of Advisor/s

Dr Margaret Jordan, Professor Alan Baxter


College of Public Health, Medical & Veterinary Sciences

Summary of Project

NKT cells respond to glycolipids and play a critical role in controlling the strength and character of immune responses. Their numbers in humans are highly variable and their numbers and function correlate with immunity in heath, cancer, infection and autoimmunity.

This project will examine the molecular mechanism by which innate-like T cells are affected by lipid metabolism and aims to identify a novel control point by which the immune system can be manipulated, for which many therapeutics already exist

Key Words

Immunology, Cellular Immunology, Cell killing, Cell-mediated immunity, Cellular immunology, CD8 T cells, Natural killer cells, Molecular Autoimmunity, Immunogenetics, Mouse models.

Would suit an applicant who

Has knowledge of immunology and/or metabolism and experience with molecular biology techniques, flow cytometry and/or tissue culture techniques. Is familiar with statistical analyses.