Experimental study on negatively buoyant jets and fountains

Title of Project

Experimental study on negatively buoyant jets and fountains

Name of Advisor/s

Professor Wenxian Lin


College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

Volcanic eruptions, building ventilation and brine discharge from desalination plants are all examples of the occurrence of turbulent fountains and negatively buoyant jets. Management and design of these processes requires the ability to accurately predict these flows and, in particular, entrainment and mixing with the ambient fluid. We will conduct the first detailed investigation into the turbulent structure of fountains and negatively buoyant jets using laboratory experiments, assess the accuracy of the commonly used integral models and test the effect of the use of more accurate entrainment relations.

Key Words

Buoyancy, Fountain, Entrainment, Mixing, Negatively buoyant jet, PIV

Would suit an applicant who

Who has a sound background and research experience and interest in fluid mechanics and strong experimental skills