Graduate Research School Doctor of Philosophy Candidates Thesis Preparation, Submission and Examination

Thesis Preparation, Submission and Examination

There is a wide range of disciplines in which research theses are written so this information will not necessarily cover all of the specific descriptions.

JCU HDR candidates should consult with their Primary Advisor regarding matters such as style and requirements particular to the field of research before preparing the final draft of the thesis. Various style manuals are used within the University and most are held by the Library, discipline specific Liaison Librarians can assist you. Alternatively, you can participate in the Academic Writing and Editing workshops.

Advisors of HDR candidates are expected to provide editorial advice to their students. Students are permitted to use additional editors in preparing their thesis for submission for examination, but should discuss this with their primary advisor and provide the editor with a copy of the following guidelines before they commence work. These guidelines are intended to clarify the extent to which external paid assistance may be involved in the preparation of the final version of a thesis or dissertation prior to submission.