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VC System C90 2xProjectors conference

Conduct a videoconference

A1-129 A21-001 A21-002 9-001 9-002

Projector and flat panel display on/off control

panasonic proj control

Tandberg Remotetrc5 remote

Turn the projectors and comfort monitor ON by pressing the On button on the AMX control (shown above)

The interacting hardware, between you and the Cisco C90 Videoconference system, is the Tandberg remote control, (see image above right) usually located on the presenter's desk. Click on the image of the remote for a user guide. Pick up the remote control to wake the system from its slumber.

The projector screens will show the videoconference splash image shown below

codes splash

The wall mounted flat panel display will show the videoconference splash screen (image below). The current camera angle is shown in a small image at the bottom right of the monitor.

The flat panel display may also show a menu at the bottom left hand corner - to remove it press the left arrow button on the remote.

The action of the 5 buttons along the top of the remote corresponds to the labelled tabs visible along the bottom of the flat panel displays.

Select camera

There are two cameras in the room:

  1. Presenter camera
  2. Audience camera

Select the presenter camera by pushing the 1st button from the left of the 5 buttons arched along the top of the remote. To select the audience camera press the 2nd button from the right. Make the necessary adjustments to the camera angle (pan, tilt and zoom).

Conference call

Videoconference calls are scheduled and automated by VAVS and are in common teaching rooms usually connected at five minutes to the hour. Once the call has been connected, indicated by the connected room appearing on the comfort monitor as well as on the projector screen furthest from the presenter's desk, a media source (PC, laptop lor document camera) can be added to the conference.

Connect a call manually

Show a Dell PC presentation

To add a PC presentation to the videoconference, briefly press the Switch to PC button. The PC will be shown on the projector screen closest to the presenter's desk.

Show a laptop presentation

Connect the laptop to the AV system using theVGA and 3.5mm audio cables

Duplicate (clone or mirror) tha laptop display and momentarily press the Switch to PC button

Show document camera/visualiser presentation

To show what is on the document camera/visualiser, press and hold the Switch to PC button until a presentation source pop-up window appears at the bottom left hand corner of the flat panel display. Select Doc Cam and press OK.

Turn off presentation

Briefly press the Switch to PC button.